Our Service to You

We can guarantee you that you have never had a proposal like ours !

From £0 Monthly

Save on the latest touchscreen terminals
1-call setup, award winning service and next day payments

Upgrade your payment terminal

Take payments at the table

Manage your business on one system

Make use of smaller counter spaces

Take your business online

Upgrade to an EPOS System

Take payment for the first time

Build your Business

We produce a research for each customer, 

this research will start your very first business plan, from the business plan this will convert in web based action.

Super Saving Solutions will then create several trials and bring income for you to start a successful and fruitful business.

How much it cost?

Until you got your very first paying customer ? £0 and after? We can ask you a fixed value or a small percentage of your income.

Tremendous proposal but you do need to commit .

Book an appointment with us, everything starts here, when you take decisions!



Are You This Person?
We are Recruiting 
Freelancers ! 

Our Success and growth is fully connected to our partners and between them are all the great Web Designers working on a freelance basis.

Join us!


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